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Nigerian based PR Expert, humanitarian and philantrophist, Amb. Jonathan Daniel is finally confirmed and inducted into the International Peace Commission & Global Peace Federation. Since 2015, Amb. Jonathan filled membership with the IPC, An inter Governmental Organization which is an affiliate of the United Nation and has been diligently following up and working hard to gain their attention. The basis of his confirmation is to promote peace, equality, human rights, economic development and educational access in Nigeria.

the ipc engagement

The IPC is therefore pleased to engage Amb. Jonathan to strenghten workforce to interface with governments, communities and varioua civil societies thereby causing an effective bilateral relations between government of countries around the world and the Government of Nigeria while managing grants for international organizations including Labour Unions, Women, Youths organizations while implementing diverse community development projects, The IPC is impressed at the performance of Amb. Jonathan Daniel for the Establishment of Arise O Nigeria Empowerment Initiative, A Non Governmental Organization registered in Nigeria, inaugurated and endorsed by the United Nations women in 2016 for empowerment and advocacy of vulnerable youths, women, promoting peace and good governance in Nigeria. On the basis of Good Goverance, Amb. Jonathan initiated the *Democratic Youth Movement For Good Governance* which is established to contribute to the reinforcement of democratic processes in Nigeria.

arise o nigeria founder

Amb. Jonathan has led the NGO, *Arise O Nigeria* to partner with credible international organizations like the *African German information Centre* in Hamburg -Germany, The *African Youth Union Council* in Addis Ababa, and the *Nigerians In Diaspora Organization in Europe* (NIDOE) on the capacity of rendering humanitarian services to Nigerian youths and women while adapting and applying the United Nation conventions against transnational organized crimes. In 2018, he led the move to join force with various civil societies and Government agencies to support Arise O Nigeria

arise o nigeria component

Component 1: Rendering Support to the *Independent National Electoral Commission* on… A) PROVIDING TRAINING MODULES FOR ELECTION OFFICIALS (© INEC NIGERIA) B) Sensitization Campaign for Charging YOUTHS & WOMEN ON GETTING PVC & HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN ELECTORAL PROCESSES. Component 2: CAMPAIGN AGAINST ILEGAL MIGRATION & HUMAN TRAFFICKING… The recent scourge in Libya has geared him to address migration flaws through an aggressive sensitization program through an enhanced local and international cooperation aiming at addressing the root causes thereby cracking down on smugglers and traffickers hence protecting the right of victims, Nigerian & Africans at large. He has passionately volunteered to enjoin forces with organizations such as the Nigerian Immigration, National Orientation agency & The National Commission for Refugees, Migrants & Internally Displaced Persons (NCRMI).

international collaboration

In the nearest future, Amb. Jonathan hopes to create meaningful coexistence in sustaining bilateral relations in Asia and America which will contribute more to the promotion of local and national humanitarian projects in Nigeria while aligning with the vision of the United Nations, European Union & African Union in promoting the campaign against racism, slavery, unemployment, value and ethics as a stimulation of mass participation in driving the ideals of true PAN Africanism. Arise O Nigeria hopes to empower young ladies with a strong leadership character, providing them with a powerful voice at the global, regional and local levels to promote gender related issues in Africa with the indication of facts arising from women lacking access to decent work, basic education, occupational segregation, gender wage gaps as they are also under- represented in political and economic decision -making processes. Amb. Jonathan Daniel Joins *VAL Africa Business group*- An International Business Organization that guarantees Investors safe and trustworthy projects without pitfalls and obstacles. VAL Africa Undertakes general business & Project management for Investors & Companies in Europe, West Africa and whole Sub-Saharan Africa Pilot Project management. Read More about Arise O Nigeria accomplishments can via Search... Recent Comments Archives Categories

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