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Eurocom Ltd was established in 1989 and is now rapidly spreading across all European borders.They are official distributor of many worldwide brands, but in their portfolio they also have their own brands which are Street, Optima and also many licenced products (Disney, Warner Bross, etc).
They also have manufacturing facilities where they produce coloring pencils, modeling clay, drawing inks, chalk, glues, etc. under brand Karbon. They can also produce it under any other brand or any design (customised branding).
In their main segment are stationary products, recently they added one more division which is the sport equipment divisions..
–       School products
–       Office products
–       Gift & Promo products
–       Sport

They will send catalogs in a printed version and pdf format at any time. And If there is a request for some samples, they can also send them in order to check them.
It is known worldwide that Eurocom supplies high quality brands in their portfolio. And this brands can be sold throughout the entire Africa through us..

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